YD Human Interest Anecdotes
26th Yankee Division Veterans Association

While commanding, one was an ordained Roman Catholic deacon – Nicholas Del Torto.

An international airport is named after one – Boston’s Edward L. Logan Airport.

Two were uncle and nephew: Edward L. Logan & Edward F. Logan.

One was a judge before a general – Boston Municipal Court Judge Edward L. Logan.

Five were West Point graduates, but six were Harvard graduates.

While commanding the Division, three also commanded the Massachusetts State Police.

One commanded through nearly all of WWI, was so loved that he was called ‘Daddy’,  received the French Legion of Honor yet, because of personal animus, was the only AEF division commander General Pershing refused to decorate - Clarence  R. Edwards.

Heroic & Dedicated Soldiers

While serving in the Division, one earned the Distinguished Service Cross in World War I, and again in World War II –CPT, later COL, Dwight T. Colley.

One immigrant posthumous Medal of Honor recipients corpse was shipped home to Greece after World War I and defiled and scattered by the Turks.  The remains were then recovered and buried at Arlington National Cemetery. – PFC George Dilboy.

Chaplain Michael O’Connor’s sister’s nunnery sewed a regimental flag for Teddy Roosevelt, but when President Wilson refused to reactivate Teddy for World War I, she gave it instead to her brothers YD regiment.  It is displayed today in the church he built after the War.

With the Division engaged in World War I combat, one loyal soldier kept going from YD unit to YD unit to avoid the grasp of doctors trying to ship him home for medical insufficiency – LT William Drohan.

Colorful & Accomplished Division Commanders

Loving Supporters

A Boston Globe newspaperman suggested the Yankee Division’s officially accepted nickname, then, over the strenuous objections of AEF commanding General Pershing, became the first ever embedded combat reporter-Frank Sibley.

Historic Units

Four Divisional organizations were (and still are) the oldest in the American Army, dating to 1636 - the 181st Infantry, 182nd Calvary, 101st Artillery & 101st Engineers.